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Why Should You Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding?

Wedding MakeUp Aritst is Not Like Any Regular MakeUp, it’s a Big Day!

You said yes! You kissed a few frogs and finally found your Prince! If you are like most women, you have been planning this day in your head since you were 12. You may even have a box or scrapbook of wedding clippings you have amassed over the years.

While you may have every detail imaginable set from the location to the menu cards, there is often one, regretfully overlooked detail yet to be booked – your hair and makeup for your big day.

I know what you may be thinking – your list of vendors is ever growing and so is the budget. What is the point of hiring someone to do your hair and makeup when you do it yourself every day? But that is every day and this isn’t just another day. This is THE day.

While some us might be the next Bobbi Brown or Michelle Phan, most of us are not that skilled. It takes much more than watching tutorials on YouTube and hours of practicing in front of mirrors. It truly takes a village or in this case a professional, skilled team, to achieve the wedding beauty look you’ve been dreaming of.

Let me tell you why:

Go BIG or go HOME

The world of professional makeup artists is big and can be overwhelming. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong person or team for the biggest day of your life. There is a BIG difference between a makeup artist and an artist that specializes in wedding beauty. Ask them about how many weddings have they done or can you view their portfolio.

Ensure they have fresh content, but do not hold it against them if they do not post every day or week. Being a good beauty professional does not mean you are a great social media or marketer.

Celebrity for a Day – Flash-Lights
You will be taking more pictures than the Los Angeles paparazzi on your big day, from sun up to sundown. A professional wedding beauty makeup artist brings a world of knowledge that will have you glowing from the first photo to the last.

Knowledge like the best products for long-lasting makeup based on your skin tone and type and how to make you look flawless in high-definition photography. Whether working outside or in a dimly lit ballroom, we know the different wedding environments well.

A professional makeup artist will come equipped with the right products, tools, and know-how to keep you looking your best, regardless of location, time of day, or weather.

Spoil Yourself
This is your special moment. You deserve to be pampered and to be the star of the show for one day. After all the effort put into the planning of this event, it’s time to truly think about you.Waking up knowing you won’t have to do a thing but show up is a priceless feeling in a chaotic world of wedding planning!

Your Bridal Crew
Your bridemaids play a big role in your life and in your wedding so it’s important not to cut corners. The last thing you want is a bridesmaid that looks out of place because she visited every beauty counter at Nordstrom or even worse, she did her own.

On the day of your event, you want a team that will assist not only you but everyone in your party with the same personalized, attention. They will also ensure a cohesive look for your big day, everyone feels included and looks amazing.

Guaranteed to Eliminate Your Wedding-Day Jitters
Maybe we can’t guarantee “no jitters” but knowing you have a team to make you look your absolute best helps. Regardless of prep time, you will most likely be nervous on your big day!

DIYing your wedding hair and makeup might not be the best option when considering shaky hands and excited bridesmaids (I didn’t even mention the moms!). Instead, sit back, relax, and let the pros get to work!

Uniquely You
Professional makeup artists have experience with many skin types and tones. A professional makeup artist can properly evaluate your skin and make life-changing recommendations for elevating your beauty and skin care regime. On the day of your wedding, they will use products and methods that work best, just for you.

Matching Your Look to Your Wedding
You have spent a small fortune on your dream dress so you don’t want to skimp out the most important feature – your face. Walking down the aisle, you will want guests jaws to drop at a beautiful bride, not an unfinished look.

We recommend that your hair and makeup mirror the style, theme, and feel of your wedding. You will be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life and you will be glad you hired a professional to bring your vision to life!

We Got This! 
At this point, I hope it’s clear that hiring a professional wedding beauty makeup artist is key to making your wedding day a success! But, do you really get why?

  • Eliminate the amount of stress
  • Put the responsibility of your hair and makeup in the hands of a professional
  • Get beauty and wedding knowledge only a pro would know
  • Allow yourself a few hours of relaxation prior to a full day of chaos

I believe anyone can do hair and makeup as a freelance artist, but we are Wedding Beauty Specialists. For over 10 years, our team of artists have specialized in the art of wedding hair and makeup and we have consistently been recognized for our award-winning services.

We are a team of bridal beauty experts that was hard to create and continues to be as we look for the best professionals in our markets. We are a creative, passionate team, with diverse backgrounds and skillsets; therefore, we make a recipe for success at weddings.

Led by pro makeup artist, production guru, beauty educator and former model, Tara Bre, We have a wealth of knowledge unmatched in the wedding industry.

Check out what makes us so special here!
We’d love to hear how we can collaborate on your wedding beauty look, so contact us to get a personalized quote!

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