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Too Much Information!

So I have been thinking for some time now that I always have a case of TMI, meaning I personally give out too much information. I talk and talk about nonsense sometimes and I always have a story for something. I wonder if I just like to hear myself talk or what….. Also, I am so blunt and honest that I just say whatever I want and act as an open book. I tell people about everything and just ramble with no thought sometimes.
Usually this is who I am and this is me, but sometimes I do it in the wrong environments. For instance, in the professional world I sometimes just go off on tangents and talk with full detail. Then as I go on my way I over analyze the conversation and often think I talked WAY too much! Going back to that open book. I always forget that in the professional world, being myself is not always accepted and people can stab you in the back to get ahead. So, you have to be on your P&Qs.
This means I have to control myself from either over analyzing or talking too much.
Or it means I can keep pushing myself to the top, so I can be myself with no pressure. Being me and not judged, but respected.

So funny, this was all there before my big move across the country. I have reached the days where I miss my days and connections on the East Coast and the West Coast has proven that it will continue to put up a fight and challenge me.

I am proud to say I know exactly what I signed up for.

Thanks for sharing my ride!