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Never Give Up

There are many obstacles thrown at us each day, week or year. I was just told a good friend had a heart attack at 26, another friend got his house robbed, another friend hates their job (Well many of the people I know hate their job) and well I could go on and on about all the struggles that myself and others around are facing, but I will spare you…. (I’m feeling nice today…ha ha)

My point is that we must always pick ourselves back up and keep trying, keep pushing, keep chasing, keep LIVING.

I truly believe these obstacles we face are all challenges for each of us to overcome, they are all tests of our strength and tests of our weaknesses. How we react contributes to the person that we are. At the end of the day, there is not much besides weak or strong, winners and losers, I mean is there ever REALLY anything in between???

Not really, you either do or you don’t, right??? In between is for the undecided.

So no matter what struggle you are facing, have faced, or will soon face….. STAY STRONG! Show the universe that you will still keep on pushing, making changes to better your circumstances and never stop pushing for the life you desire.

As I always say, we shape our lives… yet obstacles will always arise, so how do you what your life to be, stuck on the obstacle or proud to have moved on from it.

Have a great day!