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Life complaints

I cannot understand why we choose to complain about the lives we live. Why not do something to change it?

Too often to I listen to others complain about the life they live the lack of money they have, the struggles they face… why 90% of the time, it is all things they can change.

Yet the change isn’t always easy and will take hard work…. which is why people would rather complain……. but, the end factor would be a favorable one, right???

I don’t know, maybe I think like an alien… maybe others do…. but in my mind, we create our lives and the way we feel……. if we have the power, why not change the things we do not like and create what we do like???

And I know, I know that we cannot control everything and “stuff” happens…. so please do not take me as nieve….. but really…… think of how much we can control…..

Just some thoughts I had today as I have been philosophizing all day today… ahahhaha… sometimes I think I have too much energy and ideas for my own good!!