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Is the Trump Network legit? or a scam?

Many people are buzzing about the Trump Network.  It is a newer MLM company, but growing rapidly.  I was skeptical at first as I hear of a new company every other week, but I joined once I heard Trump’s name. His name alone made me believe it was a good opportunity.   I heard info directly from Trump himself at and I learned and believed in the purpose.  Being involved in this organization is phenomenal.  It truly has changed my life and allowed me to reach my dreams.  By no means is it a scam, it will be as little or as huge as you like.  It is an opportunity  to live the life you desire and live healthy.  I attended the launch in Miami  and WOW!! was it an amazing day!  Life changing.  Here is a recap..Enjoy.

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for more info on the organization go to