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Energy finds you

So last night, I decide to read a book @ midnight…. why? I am not quite sure. But, I open a cabinet and there are about 20 books to choose from.
Long story short, I chose a very small book, probably the smallest, and it was titled “SKY is the LIMIT” then when I opened it, it was from my best friend Jade, who has passed (last year). She got this book for my 22nd bday and she wrote a nice message in it.

Well my Bday is this week and I think she wanted to tell me Happy Birthday, that is why I picked the random book, that is why she wrote the message she did.

The book , the message, Her-JADE touched my life yesterday in a time of need. A time that I needed to be reminded that success will take continuous time and perseverance. A time that I was lonely and missing my friends who are all over the world. A time that I missed having my best friend around, the woman who knew me for who I was and nothing else.

The energy found me in my time of need, just like it may find you.

The key is being open minded enough to realize when energy has found you and embrace that moment!

Thank you for reading and open your mind to what you always thought was impossible and make it real!

-Tara Bre