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As I have grown up a little, I have realized the importance of diversifying.

I especially like to diversify my work. Even in college I had 3 part time jobs, then college and a social life. Socially, I have always hung out with all types of people. I like to hang with the partiers, the studious professionals, the techy dorks, the cool ‘mean girls’ and everyone in between.

I feel this early diversification has helped mold me to who I am today and taught me how to survive anytime and everywhere.

I am a marketing professional in the insurance industry full time and I learned that doing what you love does not always pay the bills or in my case it pays the bills, but not my champagne lifestyle……

So, I joined network. MLM companies to diversify my funds and earn extra money. I decided to sell the business portion of it to anyone that wanted another outlet, yet many people join for the product distribution, as the products are phenomenal

Both of my networks bring in extra money for me and I get to keep the job I LOVE without worrying about what I can and cannot spend. I have to say Life is Good!!!

I can’t say I can buy condos and vacation every week, YET… but I will one day to get there…..

I firmly believe that this particular network, the Trump Network will take me to the next level, as the business is starting to boom!! More info @

So, the conclusion of this is diversify yourself!! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because the basket could burst, then you could, if you already are not, be one of the individuals in our country without a job and no luck to get another one as unemployment is at a high peak at this point..

I read somewhere that our national average for unemployment is 9.7%, THAT IS INSANE!!!!!!!

Please diversify yourself…. pick up the hobby that you love and learn how to make money doing it, join a network that allows you to make extra $$, or choose something else GREAT to make money, for the just in case or the millions.

Whatever you do, don’t have all your eggs in one basket unless you can honestly say, “Tara, I know I have job security and financial security forever” Then I will say, “Great, I am moving in!!!! ” ahahahahahaha… But, really if you have it like that, you are truly blessed!

Enjoy the week, Talk again soon!