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Corporate America- Death of Us?

Out of college I entered quickly into corporate America. The job landed in my lap after much push for something/anything….. admittedly, I was a little desperate as my parents cut me off right after graduation…and I had a lot of bills to start paying….. Funny how many do not tell you that once you get out of college…no one wants to hire an inexperienced person.
I kept competing with persons much more experienced and more qualified. I just had an eagerness to learn and I knew I could perform! I began looking in medical and pharmaceutical sales and then ended in insurance. Marketing/Sales was my interest and apparently I have been born with this talent! lol..

So, young and dumb corporate America… here I come! I have been in this world for 4 years now and I am just beginning to fully understand. I am the type of person to roll with the punches in the workplace and just go with the flow…. constant changes.. ruffled directions and everything in between, I have been INVESTED. A little has to do with being ‘young and dumb’ right?

Well long story short, as in many of my jobs I excelled to the top. Becoming a leader that was being held back. I decided to maintain the stability of corporate america, but start my own business doing whatever I wanted. That is when I joined the networks NuSkin and Trump Network. And when I started Tara Bre Artistry.
You see I have a drive instilled in me and corporate America has taken it away from me. It tries to create complacent behavior in it’s followers. So I had to break out and create something new…get out of the dark hole of mediocracy. So, I left the town I knew and kept with corporate America in a new area… just to find out that it is still corporate America… life really won’t change until I depart.

Explain why 10 people make one decision? Why is there so much red tape for small tasks and tasks take so long to implement? Sometimes practices make no sense and the latest…. can you guess!! it is the best of the best of corporate America!!!
*drum roll please!!!** MICRO MANAGING!!!! LOL… I love how a manager may act superior when they know damn well, you could do their job… Is it an ego, your threat, the bet or just a game to enjoy the fame? I don’t know, but playing the game is wasting valuable time.

Time that will pay off with money slooooowly! Doing multiple businesses or your own company is the way to go. Or else corporate America will be the death of you…. which trust me it is for some people.. I have family members that are best in that role, their goals are different than mine, our needs differentiate and it works perfect for them.

I am different, I am a leader….. what are you?

thanks for reading…