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Change the Color on your mood ring

I think everyday I hear Jay-Z’s ‘Run this Town”….. as much as I like the song, the line that sticks in my brain the most is “just trying to change the color on your mood ring.”

I love this phrase because I love doing this for people. Individuals have so many different moods and many ‘happiness categories’ are null in void, especially this year as the economy has been hurting.
I sincerely enjoy showing people the many things that they should be happy for. We all have stresses, life throws obstacles at us all….. the main thing we can control is our feelings towards them. We choose to be upset, we choose to be happy.

If I can help others ” change the color on their mood ring” to happy or anything along those lines, I feel good about my interaction.

So, next time you encounter someone or even yourself…. “try to change the color on their mood ring” to something positive.

Have a wonderful day!! Christmas is in two day!!! Eeeek