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Online Beauty Sessions

Beauty Pros give Advice from Anywhere

The New Way to Beauty!

Get One-on-One Professional Beauty Advice & Tips, from Anywhere!

Perfect if you have a Big Event, Meeting, Conference, Date, Branding Shoot, Virtual Meetings or Just need to Know How to Use Your Beauty Products, Tools or Learn a Certain Look!

We'll Set You Up with a Real Live Beauty Pro, Virtually!

Can You Relate to Any Of These?

  • Ever go to a beauty store and feel like no one is genuinely helping you or it's too busy?
  • Ever be denied to go to the beauty store - cuz 'The Rona?'
  • Do you ONLY shop online and never get to see a Beauty Pro?
  • Do You Have a bunch of products and tools, but have no idea how to use them?
  • You want to switch up your look and need some help & advice?
  • You need a friend to chat your beauty with, but got no one?
  • Has life changed and you need advice on your new life role?
  • Do you want to learn a beauty technique or skill and You Tube isn't enough?
  • Do you have to show up more often, virtually, and feel Super Uncomfortable?
  • Are you used to having a Beauty Pro help you and now you cannot?

If you can Relate, We Have Your Beauty Solution, Virtual Luxe Sessions!


We set you up with a Real Beauty Pro, virtually!  We create a private space for you to discuss everything from your beauty regimen, your beauty products, how to do a technique or look, discuss any beauty concerns, or lifestyle needs!

Our Session is Unique to You, so Let Us Know What You Need or Choose a Topic!

One Hour Online Beauty Sessions

Our Signature Virtual Beauty Workshops & Consultations give Individuals or Groups the opportunity to get personal attention, an interactive beauty experience, and learn from a Beauty Pro, anywhere you are! 

Our Virtual Luxe Sessions have taken your favorite YouTube Channel to a whole NEW LEVEL!

Virtual Beauty Sessions give you a Private Space where the Beauty Pro gets to help you use your products and guide you to create the look!!

No more 1-sided conversations, 2-way - ALL THE WAY!


LEARN BEAUTY HANDS-ON Create a Beauty Look Using YOUR Products & Tools


Beauty Look for Work
Beauty Look for a Date
Beauty Look Special Occasion
Review & Test Your Skincare
Learn a Look for Virtual Meetings
Learn a Specific Hairstyle
Learn a Specific Makeup Look

CHAT YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS Get Beauty Advice & Beauty Tips You Need


Review Products & Tools  Professional Role Review   General Beauty Advice & Tips Makeup Advice & Tips
Hair Advice & Tips
Hair & Makeup Advice & Tips
Skincare Review & Tips

CONFIDENTLY TRANSFORM Learn How to Take Virtual Calls Comfortably


How to Dress for Your Style
How to Do Your Hair & MakeUp
Best Tips for Lighting & Tools
Ideal Areas  & Spaces
Ways to Save Time
Common Mistakes to Avoid
Having a Professional Set-Up

Each Session is Private and your Live Beauty Pro will lead the conversation based on your selected style, concept, or topic.

Virtual Beauty Masterclass

Online Dating, Virtual Meetings, Webinars, Face Time, Zoom and More....

Meeting online is so common in our lives, yet it is still new and uncomfortable if you are not prepared, after this Masterclass you will take virtual meetings more confidently!

We help you find the best area to do your meetings, help you perfect the space with ideas and tips, and we help you be you, virtually!

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Executives, Managers & Leaders

Lawyers, Doctors & Advisors

Realtors, Coaches & Marketers

Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, & Creatives

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