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Never Give Up

April 16, 2010

There are many obstacles thrown at us each day, week or year. I was just told a good friend had a heart attack at 26, another friend got his house robbed, another friend hates their job (Well many of the people I know hate their job) and well I could go on and on about…


Earthquake: California, Haiti, Western China.

April 14, 2010

Yet another earthquake has struck us in Western China Wednesday! I cannot believe the natural disasters we are experiencing this year. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, etc….. I am anticipating what is in store for FL this year and the hurricanes. Let’s hope that all is safe. If you know anyone that has been [art of these disasters,…


New Day, New Life

April 8, 2010

I just got back from vacation in Fl and during that time I had time to think about the new life I have in California. This New Life entails new challenges and new ideas….everything NEW! This quarter I will be mostly focused on networking with new faces around the Los Angeles and So Cal areas.…


Big things poppin

March 12, 2010

So the Trump Network is blowing up, boy has it been a fun ride to watch the company grow!! We are still growing more and more everyday! Check it out and see how it will change your life too!


Stop being the victim

March 9, 2010

Recently, I read a book called the Oz Principle.. part of this book talked about not playing the victim and learning to control the controllable. This has rally left an impact on my life because I am more equipped to notice my own “below the line” behavior and I can identify the ways to change…



March 7, 2010

Everyday we move forward by choice.


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