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Alfred Angelo Brides and Bridesmaids need a solution to this major shake up in our wedding industry. Thursday, a local newspaper to the Alfred Angelo HQ, The Palm Beach Post, reported that employees were seen leaving with boxes and plants all day yesterday. There are reports of stores across the country  being closed and not answering phones. Emails are being sent with no response and the word on the street is they filed, bankruptcy!

Bankruptcy!! This is the worst part, as they could technically do nothing to get customers their dresses.   Alfred Angelo filed bankruptcy, so that may protect them more than we know.   This has created a huge issue for not only brides, bridesmaids, but also every company that did business with them! They had over 60 Alfred Angelo stores and over 1400 retailers. Apparently, they were for sale and could not find a buyer, so bankruptcy was their decision!

We are not directly affected here at BreLuxe Beauty, yet we are so passionate about weddings and brides that this hurts our hearts!! Our industry just took a huge hit and we love all brides, Breluxe beauties or not!

On to the solution, first, don’t panic or stop panicking!!! This is your wedding and it will still be amazing with or with out your fulfilled wedding dress order. Just keep a positive mindset and know that it will all work out.  The mind is so powerful and can heal so much through altering your perspective.

Our best solutions are below:

1. Contact Alfred Angelo, your local store, and keep watching for news updates. This is public news.

2. No Time and No Money for New Dress?  Get a gown  DONATED to you. Post on Social Media what happened, your need for a Dress or BM dresses and see who responds. You may also consider asking your local bridal stores for help. A bride is distress is equivalent to seeing a baby in need, you just want to help and do all you can to make it better for them!!!

3. Have Little Time and Little Money?  Consider ONLINE or SAMPLE GOWNS – Turn to online shopping for lower prices, have a photo of the dress you love and buy something similar, DO NOT buy something you are unsure of from online! Or you may go to your local bridal stores and ask if they have any gowns for you. Many stores know of the issue and have been proactively helping brides find solutions.
We put together this list of bridal gown outlets, that you can also consider if you need to replace dresses.
Bridal Outlet by Joanne
Mariposa Bride
Le Marriage Couture
Pebbles Bridal
Glamour Closet
The Runway Outlet
Vow To Be Chic
Bridal and Veil Outlet

4.Got time & Got Money?  ON TO THE NEXT ONE – Say forget you, Alfred Angelo and call it day! Forget about your lost money and move on! Start visiting your local bridal shops again and hit replay to ‘finding the dress’, you might even find another or even better dream dress. Happy Shopping!

There you have it, a few solutions to this widespread issue! I know this is not the best news or solution to your perfect wedding dress or perfect bridesmaids dresses or LOST MONEY —
Just know that life happens, we cannot control things like this and we must continue down that happy wedding planning trail again! Remember this, your wedding is going to be amazing as long as YOU are there! It is true that details make an event, but the realest part of the event is made by the BRIDE, GROOM and guests!

Alfred Angelo cannot ruin this magnificent day for you!

Personal Story – In 2013, Alfred Angelo helped Tara and BreLuxe Beauty tremendously  in learning the ins and outs of the industry and getting us in front of thousands of weddings as Wedding Beauty Specialists; the photo below is from 2013 in Beverly Hills, CA.

Alfred Angelo

Alfred Angelo bankrupt